Friday WOD 7/31/15

  5×1 – Clean High Pull + Tall Clean.
*Clean High Pull – Bring bar to chest level. Tall clean – With locked out hips and knees, shrug and drop into squat. This is a technique primer. Light weights, fast movement. 

EMOMx15 Min, 3 Rounds:
Min 1 – 1 Squat Clean, 70%

Min 2 – 1 Squat Clean, 75%
Min 3 – 1 Squat Clean, 80%
Min 4 – 1 Squat Clean, 85%
Min 5 – 1 Squat Clean, 90%
*after Min 5 drop back down to 70% and start round over. Each round consists of 5 min EMOM.




Thursday WOD 7/30/15

“Guns Out Test”
1000 M Row for Time

100 DU’s for Time

100 Sit-Ups for Time
50 KBS for Time (53/35)
50 Push-Ups for Time
50 Squats for Time
50 Box Jumps for Time (24/20)
50 Pull-Ups for Time
*you will have about 45 Min to time and complete each movement.

*you can go in any order you wish as long as you complete all movements before hour is up.  

Monday WOD 7/27/15

“Monster Mash Monday”

For Time 

15 Thrusters (95/65)

200 M Run

15 Pull Ups

15 OHS (95/65)

15 Pull Ups

200 M Run

15 Thrusters (95/65)

5 Min Rest

1 Round

10 Back Squats (135/95)

20 Box Step Ups (135/95)

30 Weighted Lunges (In Front Rack 135/95)

*Arhletes will have a continuous running clock. Athletes will keep up with their own rest periods and subtract at the end of the WOD for total time.  

Saturday Free Community WOD 9-10am and Open Gym 10-11am

If you’ve been thinking about trying a CrossFit workout now is your time! This Saturday 7/25/15 at 9:00 am we will be having a CrossFit workout that is free and open to anyone interested in giving us a try! CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that anyone can do with the right start. All workouts are modified and adjusted to fit the athlete (that’s YOU!) and to help them get the most out of their training. Free Saturdays are the perfect way to see what all the chatter is about.

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