Tuesday Team WOD 7/31/18

15 min to find 5rm Deadlift


“Shark Bite” (teams of 2)
100 Double Unders
10 Rounds of “The Shark”
80 Double Unders
8 Rounds of “The Shark”
60 Double Unders
6 Rounds of “The Shark”
40 Double Unders
4 Rounds of “The Shark”
20 Double Unders
2 Rounds of “The Shark”

“The Shark”

3 Thrusters (95/65)

6 Burpees Over The Bar

9 Air Squats

*one working at a time and each teammate must complete a full round of “The Shark” before tagging


Monday WOD 7/23/18

Death by Strict Press and Front Squat (10 min)


*every min on the min add 1 Rep to each movement. Once you cannot complete the assigned reps to that min you stop and that is your score. If you complete all reps to end of 10 min then your score is 10

*wod begins with 1 Rep of each movement

*you can rack the bar anytime

15 min AMRAP

21 Sit Ups

15 Weighted Squat Jumps (med ball 20/14)

9 Deadlifts 185/135